Boston Homeowners: Time For The Fall Roof Checkup!

Our long, hot dry summer is coming to a close. The kids have headed back to school. Fall is here for real, and that means it's time to go outside and take a look at your roof. You want to know that your roof is in good shape before winter arrives.

How to Look at a Roof Like a Roofing Contractor

When a roofer looks at a roof, they're looking for problems - anything that doesn't look right. This includes the lines of the roof - does the ridgeline look straight? does the roof appear to be bowed, warped, or wavy in any areas - as well as the condition of the roof's surface.

Many of the roofs in the Boston area have asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have a useful life of twenty to fifty years, depending on how high quality they are. Weather events can also impact the condition of your shingles. When you're looking at your shingles, first and foremost, make sure they're all there. If any are missing, if you can see the bare roof below, or there are shingles that are hanging out of place, call in a roofing contractor. You may not need roof replacement at this point, but you definitely need roof repair.

If all the shingles are in place, consider their condition. If they're curled, warped, broken, or split, they're not protecting your home properly. Additionally, asphalt shingles should have a thin layer of gravel-granules over the surface; if this has worn or been washed away, the shingles can't perform as they need to.  Take the overall condition of your roof into consideration. If we have another extremely snowy winter, is your roof ready for it?

While you're looking at your roof, it's a good idea to check out any areas where you have flashing, such as around a chimney or at the point where two roof planes meet. Flashing should be flat against the roof surface. If it's not, or if it's missing entirely, that's a must-do repair before the snow starts to fly.

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