In Boston, The Best Time To Fix The Roof Is When The Sun Shines

Roof repairs are one of those jobs that most Boston homeowners like to put off as long as possible. There's always something else to spend the money on. However, if you know you've got leaks, storm damage, rot or other issues that are compromising the integrity of your roof, it's time to start thinking about when you'll have a roofing contractor come in.

Boston has four distinct weather seasons. Our winters are pretty harsh and seem to be getting more extreme year by year. That's obviously not the best time to handle roof repairs - who wants to open up their home to that kind of cold and snow? Spring can be chilly, but once you get through the first early weeks, roof repair becomes a possibility. The best time to fix the roof is in the sunny summertime, where long hours of daylight provide ideal working conditions for your roofing contractor and their crew. Early fall is also a viable option, but as we all know, fall can turn into winter in the blink of an eye.

There's always a question of if you need roof repairs or roof replacement. This is a question best answered on a case by case basis. Your Boston roofing contractor will come to your property, assess what's going on, and make a recommendation based on that assessment. Be up front with your contractor about your timeline and budget: any ethical builder will want to work with you to improve your house while helping you keep expenses under control.

During your conversation with your roofing contractor, talk to them about how long the roof repairs or roof replacement will take. This answer will vary depending on the size of your home and the problem being addressed, however, you should have a reasonable estimate you can plan around. It is a good best practice to stay in communication with your roofing contractor throughout the job, so if they encounter any unforeseen difficulties, you'll be informed right away.

By taking advantage of the summer weather to address roof repair issues, you'll be able to face fall and even winter in Boston with confidence!

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