Having the Roof Repaired Brings Stress Levels Down, Results in Much Better Sleep

"The wind came in that night like a freight train," Mark said. "We were sleeping, me, my wife, my kids, even the dog. Then there was this roaring sound. The whole house shook. Everyone woke up, saying "What was that?" But it was only the wind."

The next day, Mark found a surprise on his front lawn. "There was a strip of roof shingles there, as tall as I am," he said. "The wind ripped it right off. There were quite a few other pieces, but that one strip was the longest one."

Initially, Mark didn't think the damage was significant enough to warrant calling in a Boston roof repair company. "It didn't seem like that big a deal - we're talking maybe a dozen shingles, perhaps fifteen overall."

Then the wind came back.  "I thought the noise was bad the first time around. This time, it was unbelievable. It was a little rainy that night, and I started thinking about what would happen if water got into our attic. Like most families, we store stuff in our attic - not things we use everyday, obviously, but stuff we want to hang on to. I was up all night worried about it getting soaked."

In the morning, there were a few more shingles on Mark's yard. "Where the first run of shingles had been peeled away created an edge for the wind to get beneath," he explained. "They were going to keep getting blown off if I didn't do something about it."

After having his roof repaired, Mark felt his stress levels going down. "You don't realize how much you think about and worry about your house until there's something wrong with it," he said. "Then it's all you can think about." Having a strong, secure roof in place made it easier for Mark to sleep at night. "It doesn't even matter if the wind blows. I'm snoozing away!"

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