What To Do When The Wind Blows The Shingles Off Your Roof

The asphalt shingle industry is very invested in creating shingles that stay on the roof during strong winds. The High Wind Task Force was created in 1991. They created a body of standards that are used by every reliable manufacturer; among these are wind ratings, which indicate the maximum wind speed a shingle could endure. For the majority of asphalt shingles installed in this region, that wind rating is in the 120-150 mph range; in some select instances, a structure could have shingles with a lower wind rating, bottoming out at 90 mph.

If your shingles are coming off and the winds were not in excess of the wind rating, that means there's a problem. Sometimes the shingles were not installed properly, or the seal that is meant to keep them in place failed. If the winds experienced are in excess of the wind rating, the odds are great that the roof may have suffered additional damage. As a Boston roofing company we've found that it's always a best practice to inspect that areas surrounding any lost shingles to make sure there are no other issues that will need to be addressed to keep your family warm and dry.

Shingles are so important to the integrity of your roof. They provide a much-needed layer of protection between your home and the elements. As we all know, the weather here in Boston can be intense. Tons of snow, driving rain, and intense dry summer heat all take their toll on a roof. If the integrity of your roof is compromised, water can get in, which causes so many problems. Mold and mildew growth are only the beginning. Moisture can actually contribute to your roof rafters and other structural elements of your home rotting - obviously not a good situation.

So when you see the wind has blown the shingles off of your home, call your Boston roofing company. The shingles need to be replaced promptly to protect your home's condition. Additionally, you'll want to know about any associated damage so problems can be addressed while they're still relatively small: it will be much easier on your budget that way!

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