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Insurance Claims

If you are dealing with a damaged room due to hail, wind or storm damage, your Homeowners insurance will likely cover the entire cost. As the incident is a natural disaster it will not cause any rate increases in your insurance. Able Roofing will help you repair or replace your damage roofing, this includes gutters, siding, exterior roofing, anything you need to get your roof up to code.

Our Process

  1. First, We ask that you send us a copy of your insurance adjusters summary report in order to ensure all damage is fairly accounted for
  2. We then form a contract in accordance to the summary report, including any corrections to the insurers original estimates
  3. We then send the signed contract to the insurance company
  4. Lastly, if there is a mortgage on the home, we will send you the paperwork that needs to be done to process these documents

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